Family Reunions

A Top-Rated Charter Bus for Family Reunions

A family reunion is a joyous occasion. This is a time when family members from all around the state or even country gather together to spend time with one another. For many families, it’s the first time everyone has been together in one place in years, or even decades!

At Ebmeyer Charter, family reunion travel is one of our favorite types of excursions. We love seeing relatives reunite and catch up with one another’s lives. If you’re considering a family reunion charter bus, you’ll definitely want to consider Ebmeyer!

Convenient Family Reunion Travel Assistance

Looking for family reunion travel ideas? Renting a family reunion charter bus is one of the best decisions you’ll make when planning your gathering. Whether you’re travelling long distances or just across town, charter bus transportation for your reunion will make your celebration less stressful and a lot more fun! Keeping everyone together on one bus ensures there’s no waiting around for cousins and grandparents who got caught in traffic. Everyone arrives at the same time, so the party can get started right away! Plus, when you travel together (whether down the street or on full-blown family reunion travel tours), you’ll have even more time to socialize and engage in conversations with one another.

Safe Transportation for Your Next Family Reunion

Do your family members tend to celebrate a little too much when they get together? It’s a common occurrence for someone at the gathering to have a little too much to drink. When you choose a charter bus for family reunion parties, you never have to worry about someone driving intoxicated or getting stranded because they’ve overdone it on the drinks. Instead, you can celebrate without worry and rely on us to deliver everyone home safely after the event.

Our drivers maintain some of the safest driving records in the industry. Many of them have been with us for decades and have even received awards for their skills behind the wheel.

Affordable Shuttle Service for Family Reunions

We know you have a lot more to budget for than just family reunion travel expenses. There’s a lot that goes into planning the event, from renting a venue to food and decorations. Our charter bus services for family reunions can help keep you on budget. We have a range of affordable charter bus options for you to choose from to help you minimize costs.

Experience Our Comfortable Family Reunion Charter Buses

Ebmeyer offers some of the best charter bus amenities you’ll find anywhere. Our motor coaches are roomy and plush, featuring reclining seats, climate control, charging ports, TV monitors and more. When your family travels with Ebmeyer, the journey will be nearly as much fun as the reunion itself!

Reserve Your Charter Bus for Family Reunions Today!

Our itineraries fill up fast, so don’t wait. Call us today to discuss the details of your family reunion travel needs. We can accommodate small gatherings or large extended family events. Our friendly agents will walk you through the logistics of your travel plans, and let you know exactly how we can help. We look forward to being a part of your next reunion!