Charter Bus Rental in Fort Irwin

Do you have a group trip coming up that could benefit from hiring a Fort Irwin charter bus company for your transportation needs? When you rent a motor coach, your group can get to their destination safely. With Ebmeyer Charter, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our number one concern during your charter bus rental trip.

Benefits of Hiring a Charter Bus Company in Fort Irwin

When hiring a charter bus for your transportation needs, your travel will be easy. Here are three of the benefits you get when you choose Ebmeyer Charter for motor coach rental in Fort Irwin.

Group Arrival

When your group travels by charter buses, everyone arrives at the destination at the same time. You won’t waste any time waiting on travelers who don’t know the area, are running late, or got left behind. Traveling with a charter bus company allows all of your group to arrive at the designated destination at the same time.

Easy Travel Arrangements

It can get complicated to make travel arrangements for groups, large or small. Skip trying to arrange a carpool and make travel planning easier. You will benefit from being able to make your travel plans easier when you choose the Ebmeyer Charter motor coach rental in Fort Irwin.

Save on Travel Costs

Saving money on transportation costs is always great. One way you can save on transportation costs is to have your group travel by motor coach. With Ebmeyer Charter, you will get a firm quote so you know exactly what to budget for the travel cost of your Fort Irwin motor coach rental.

Customer Safety & Charter Bus Maintenance

All charter bus companies must have licensed drivers and carry insurance on their vehicles. Ebmeyer Charter meets or exceeds all set standards for licensing and insurance. All Ebmeyer Charter drivers are highly qualified and specially trained to safely drive a motor coach.

The Ebmeyer Charter bus fleet is clean and well-maintained. We know customers want a clean charter, which is why every bus in our fleet is cleaned, inside and out, before and after each charter. Our vehicles are also inspected and follow a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Ebmeyer Charter Fleet

The Ebmeyer Charter vehicle fleet includes different styles of vehicles to meet your specific needs. Our most popular buses for rent are the 56-passenger buses and the 84-passenger school buses.

The 56-passenger motor coaches have great amenities that make traveling long distances comfortable and enjoyable. Passengers on our motor coaches enjoy amenities like secure wi-fi, overhead storage, adjustable AC vents, individual reading lights, A.M./F.M. radio, reclining seats, window shades, and more.

Our 84-passenger school buses are best for group trips within short distances. School buses can take passengers to destinations within a 50-air-mile radius. Book a school bus for field trips, church events, business outings, local sightseeing trips, and more.

When to Hire a Charter Bus Rental Service

You can hire a charter bus rental service for many different types of group transportation. The best time to hire a charter bus is when you need group transportation. Times to rent a bus or motor coach include church events, business outings, weddings, and sightseeing tours.

Church Events

Consider a bus rental for your transportation needs if your group is traveling for a church event. Traveling together as a group creates an environment of fellowship and worship. We have helped church groups get to concerts, seminars, community service opportunities, and more.

Business Outings

A motor coach is also a great way to arrange business travel. Hire an Ebmeyer Charter motor coach for short or long-distance business travel. Your team will enjoy comfortable travel by charter bus. Your business will also benefit from the team building and camaraderie that takes place while employees are on the bus.


Wedding festivities often take place at multiple venues. You might have different locations for guest lodging, rehearsal, the ceremony, reception, and more. Arrange group transportation for your guest so they won’t get lost, have help getting to their destination safely, and arrive on time.

Sightseeing & Group Tours

Ebmeyer Charter also helps groups on sightseeing tours. You can take a sightseeing trip to over 120 cities. You can choose from a day trip, a weekend trip, or even a week-long trip.

Why Choose Ebmeyer Charter for Charter Bus Rental

When you need to rent a charter bus, look no further than Ebmeyer Charter for all of your transportation needs. We have been locally owned and operated for over 40 years. We meet or exceed licensing and insurance requirements.

Ebmeyer Charter is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Our charter bus rental service has provided reliable transportation since our establishment in 1980.

Every Ebmeyer Charter driver is trustworthy and safe. Our drivers pass training courses with over 35 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. Drivers are School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Certified. When you choose to rent a charter bus, choose Ebmeyer Charter.