Host the Best Team Building Events! 6 Fun Corporate Outing Ideas

Host the Best Team Building Events! 6 Fun Corporate Outing Ideas

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About 70% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. Why is that? Because they feel undervalued and unappreciated at work.

Especially by management. In fact, employees are more likely to quit their jobs over a bad boss than any other reason. Yet, a shift in management strategies could keep a good employee in their seat.

Managers are missing a prime opportunity to boost morale and job satisfaction. The answer? Hosting team building events for their employees.

Building a cohesive team is crucial to productivity and employee retention. They’ll work better together, and in turn, your business thrives.

Take a look at these ideas for your next team building event!

Team Building Events: 6 Fun Corporate Outing Ideas

When you start planning, consider the interests and personalities of your employees. Choose an event that offers something for everyone.

Do you have thrill seekers, fitness buffs or people more interested in relaxation? Is there a common interest or theme? You can’t please everyone, but you can try for a majority win.

Don’t think small! Make it an event that your employees will look forward to each year. These team building events pay for themselves in job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.

1. Amusement Parks

Forget the bowling alley. Schedule your next corporate event at your local amusement park! Pay for admission and send them off for a day of fun.

Amusement parks are good for letting loose and enjoying a few thrills. Adrenaline junkies love this option. Though, amusement parks offer slower paced rides and activities, too.

You’ll have different options, depending on your location. Stay local for a small, hometown theme park. Or, go a little farther to a larger park like Six Flags.

Your employees are sure to feel appreciated, either way.

How To Make It a Team Event

Most amusement parks have group and event areas you can reserve. Bring everyone back together for a short time. Host a catered lunch or barbecue and some team building games during the middle part of the day.

2. Nature and Animal Parks

Looking for an enjoyable day out with your employees? Try team building events at the zoo or an animal sanctuary. You’ll treat them to a great trip and your investment supports a good cause.

This is a relaxing, self-paced outing. It’s great for helping everyone get to know each other on a personal level. Put people into teams and let them enjoy the outdoors and good conversation.

How to Make It a Team Event

Plan ahead! Reserve a conference room or event hall. Offer workshops and discussion panels relevant to job satisfaction, morale, and teamwork.

Employees can sign up and enjoy the park between their scheduled workshops.

3. A Night on the Town

Everyone enjoys putting on their best and stepping out. What better way to promote fun and bring your employees together? Print a schedule of events for the evening, but leave some time for self-guided fun.

Charter buses to manage time better and provide a safe ride home.

How to Make It a Team Event

Reserve a hotel conference room in a central downtown location. Host a dinner with team recognition and awards.

Then, send them off on a scavenger hunt through the downtown streets! Use corporate gear, time off and special parking spots to reward winning teams.

4. Sporting Events

Cheer on a local sports team with your company team! This is a great option if your employees are especially loyal to a team.

Be it hockey, soccer, baseball or football. Your employees will enjoy a trip to the stadium.

How to Make It a Team Event

Reserve a special section so everyone can sit together. Pass out company t-shirts or hats. Treat them to a free drink or food item!

If you charter a bus, you can do some quick icebreaker questions during the ride. It’s great for getting to know each other better. Keep it light and funny!

5. Recreation and Fitness Destinations

Looking for something a little extra? Consider some of these ideas for a recreational team excursion.

  • Skiing and mountain exploring trip
  • Fishing and camping trip
  • Hiking, biking or kayaking events
  • Enter a 5K as a team
  • Ziplining and rock climbing excursions

These could be overnight or weekend trips. Transportation and lodging are the main costs to consider. Offer ways to help employees with any costs associated with the trip.

How to Make It a Team Event

During the excursion, host a lunch or dinner in honor of your employees. Recognize their achievements. Give a state of the company address and point out how each department helped to get there.

Bring in a keynote speaker who is motivational and entertaining. Keep the energy upbeat and fun!

6. Exhibits and the Arts

Take them out for a cultural experience. Learn a little history together, admire artwork or take in a show. All these options are enjoyable for everyone.

Your town or city is sure to have an event or museum that everyone can enjoy. Here’s a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Museums
  • Symphony and Concerts
  • Theater and Dance Companies
  • Themed Fairs and Events
  • Botanical Gardens

Get creative! The more interesting the event, the better!

How to Make It a Team Event

Provide transportation. Use the travel time to help everyone get to know each other better. Reserve seating, VIP tickets or a time block dedicated for your employees.

Plan Your Corporate Outing Today!

If you’re ready to see your company thrive, show your employees you care about them. Team building events are a great way to boost morale, encourage teamwork, and have a little fun. Your employees will feel appreciated, too.

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