Charter Bus Rental in Pomona

There are many benefits of traveling by charter bus or motor coach for group travel. Ebmeyer Charter is the number one Pomona charter bus company. When you rent a motor coach with us, we help you take advantage of all the group travel benefits. At Ebmeyer Charter, your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority.

Benefits of Hiring a Charter Bus Company in Pomona

When you choose Ebmeyer Charter for motor coach rental, travel planning is easy, your group will enjoy traveling together, and you can save on travel costs. Here’s more about the top three benefits of charter bus rental.

Easy Travel Arrangements

It can be challenging to make travel arrangements for groups, large or small. When you plan a motor coach rental in Pomona, you will benefit from easier travel planning. Skip trying to get your group to carpool, and enjoy easy travel planning when you rent a charter bus.

Group Arrival

Group arrival is another benefit of traveling on charter buses. Passengers all ride together. No one runs the risk of getting lost or falling behind. Riding with our charter bus company allows your group to get on the road and arrive at the destination at the same time.

Save on Travel Costs

Budgeting for group transportation might seem daunting, but traveling by motor coach can actually help you save money on transportation costs. There aren’t any baggage fees, unlike flying on most airlines. Additionally, you’ll get an upfront quote free from unexpected costs. With Ebmeyer Charter, you know exactly what to budget for the cost of your Pomona motor coach rental.

Customer Safety & Charter Bus Maintenance

There are state and federal regulations placed on charter bus companies to keep passengers safe. It is a requirement to have licensed drivers and carry insurance on all vehicles. Ebmeyer Charter meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations.

Ebmeyer Charter drivers are safe, trustworthy, and reliable. Our drivers pass licensing tests and go through our driving program which includes over 35 hours of hands-on instruction. Every driver is School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Certified.

Ebmeyer Charter’s fleet is also held to high cleanliness and maintenance standards. We know customers want a clean bus, which is why every vehicle in our fleet is meticulously cleaned. Our vehicles also follow a strict preventative maintenance plan so they run at peak capacity.

Ebmeyer Charter Fleet

The Ebmeyer Charter vehicle fleet includes vehicles to meet your group’s needs. Our most popular vehicles are the 56-passenger motor coaches and the 84-passenger school buses.

The 56-passenger motor coaches have amenities that make traveling long distances comfortable and enjoyable. Passengers enjoy amenities like wi-fi, A.M./F.M. radio, overhead storage, individual reading lights, adjustable AC vents, reclining seats, window shades, and more.

Our 84-passenger school buses are the ideal way to travel locally. School buses can transport passengers to any destination within a 50-air-mile radius. Book a school bus for field trips, concert transportation, church events, business outings, and more.

When to Hire a Charter Bus Rental Service

Are you wondering if your group travel needs warrant charter bus rental? The truth is, there are many occasions when you can hire a charter bus rental service. You can rent a bus or motor coach for business outings, church events, sightseeing tours, and even weddings.

Business Outings

When you need to arrange travel services for your company, traveling by motor coach should be your first choice. You can rent a motor coach for short or long-distance business travel, no matter the size of your group. Your team will enjoy riding on a charter bus. The team will also benefit by having time on the bus to team-build with each other.

Church Events

Another time you should call for a charter bus rental is if your group is traveling for a church event. Traveling together as a group creates a positive atmosphere where group members can enjoy fellowship and worship together.

Sightseeing & Group Tours

Ebmeyer Charter has driven thousands of sightseeing trips and group tours. You can visit attractions in over 120 cities across ten states. Choose to take a day trip, weekend trip, or week-long trip.


Help your guests get to your wedding and rehearsal by prearranging charter bus transportation for them. Your guests won’t get lost, will arrive on time, and they’ll get home safely.

Why Choose Ebmeyer Charter for Charter Bus Rental in Pomona

By now you know when to call to rent a charter bus, just make sure to call Ebmeyer Charter for your transportation needs. We are locally owned and operated and we have been a reputable charter bus rental company since our establishment in 1980.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We’re committed to delivering 100% customer service satisfaction every day. When you rent a charter bus, choose Ebmeyer Charter.