Charter Bus Rental in San Jacinto

Planning a group trip is easy with Ebmeyer Charter. We make transportation planning a breeze with our motor coach rental services. We have a variety of buses to fit your group’s specific transportation needs.

Our charter bus company can help get your group to destinations near or far, no matter how many or few people are in your group. We have the most experienced drivers who take groups on sightseeing tours, business events, church outings, youth sports trips, and more.

San Jacinto Motor Coach Rental

You’ll get a free quote for our charter services by calling Ebmeyer Charter for motor coach rental in San Jacinto. We can help you with group travel arrangements for any of the following transportation needs.

Sightseeing Tours

With charter bus rental, sightseeing with a group is easy to do. When your group travels by charter bus, you can ensure everyone gets to each sightseeing spot together. Traveling by charter bus on sightseeing trips is safe and comfortable, and no one will get lost or fall behind.

Business Events

Ebmeyer Charter also provides transportation services for business travel, too. We can get your employees to conventions, product launches, business meetings, educational seminars, team-building events, and more. Your staff will enjoy traveling by motor coach. Event organizers will also appreciate everyone arriving at the event on time and together.

Church Outings

Church members can also enjoy traveling by charter bus with Ebmeyer Charter when traveling to charity events, worship camps, conventions, and other religious meetings. When your church rents a motor coach, church members can enjoy fellowship, worship, sharing testimonials, reading scripture together, and more while traveling on the charter bus.

Youth Sports Trips

Carpooling has to be one of the most uncomfortable ways to travel for a youth sports trip. Your team can make traveling to games, tournaments, skills camps, and other youth sports events fun and enjoyable with an Ebmeyer Charter motor coach rental.

Wedding Shuttles

Contact Ebmeyer Charter to help with local shuttle services. We can provide transportation to get your wedding guests from their hotel to the different wedding festivities. While on a charter bus, your guests won’t get lost while traveling to the ceremony, reception, or other wedding events.

Our Fleet of Charter Buses

Ebmeyer Charter has a fleet of charter buses ready to meet your transportation needs. We have vehicles well suited for short and long-distance travel to accommodate groups of every size. Our two most popular rental buses are the 56-passenger motor coach and the 84-passenger school bus.

56 Passenger Motor Coach Rental

Motor coach rentals are ideal for traveling long distances or overnight. Our motor coaches come with many amenities to keep you comfortable during your trip. Some of the amenities you’ll enjoy include:

  • On board restroom
  • Accessible overhead storage
  • Adjustable window screens
  • Individual reading lights
  • Adjustable AC vents
  • Secure wi-fi
  • A.M./F.M. radio and speakers
  • Reclining seatbacks
  • Armrests and footrests

84 Passenger School Bus Rental

Our 84-passenger school buses can get your group to local destinations. We can drive to any destination located within a 50-air-mile radius. School bus rental is ideal for field trips, day trips, and more. Buses are climate controlled and have storage space under the seats.

Ebmeyer Charter also has ADA coaches equipped with wheelchair lifts. If you need a wheelchair lift or require other accommodations, let us know when you call for your free charter bus quote.

Fleet Maintenance

Our San Jacinto charter bus company requires all of our vehicles to go through a complete inspection before every trip. Buses also follow a preventative maintenance program. By maintaining well-functioning buses we can ensure our guests get to their destination without preventable delays.

Highly Qualified Drivers

You need a highly qualified driver you can trust anytime you rent a charter bus. Ebmeyer Charter trains their drivers through a comprehensive training program. The training program includes over 35 hours of hands-on, behind-the-wheel training. Drivers also hold a SPAB (School Pupil Activity Bus) certification.

Insurance Requirements

FMCSA and DOT require charter bus companies to hold insurance on their buses. Ebmeyer Charter exceeds these minimum insurance requirements. Our insurance is through Lancer Insurance. We chose Lance Insurance because they’re the nation’s largest insurer of motor coaches.

Hire Ebmeyer Charter for Your Next Charter Bus Rental in San Jacinto

Don’t spend any more time searching for a charter bus company in San Jacinto, choose Ebmeyer Charter. We have been a locally owned and operated charter bus rental service for over forty years. We prove our dedication to customer service by offering customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ebmeyer Charter drivers are safe and reliable. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. You can count on our well-established, reputable charter bus rental service for safe and efficient group travel.

Ebmeyer Charter has a charter bus or motor coach that can accommodate your specific travel needs. Get a free, no-obligation quote by calling Ebmeyer Charter for charter bus rental near you.