Tips for Event Planners Renting Charter Buses

Tips for Event Planners Renting Charter Buses

If you are an event planner and looking into transportation options for a large group of people, the chances are you’ve thought about charter buses before. Event planners help groups come together for a variety of different events like weddings, sports games, corporate gatherings, and more. The logistics of these large events have made event planners an in-demand job. Making sure an event goes smoothly is the primary responsibility of an event planner, which is why using charter buses to transport your group to events is such a great idea. Charter buses allow event planners to get their groups to and from the event safely and comfortably. We’ve provided a few tips below to help event planners with booking charter buses for their events to make their lives easier.

1. Gather Information About Attendees

The first step toward booking a charter bus for your group is to gather information from the group. You definitely need an idea of how many people will be attending the event, because that will help you decide how many buses to reserve. A motorcoach will typically hold around 60 passengers while a minibus up to 30 passengers. You can always reach out to Ebmeyer Charter to discuss the best charter bus options for your event planning needs. Next, after you’ve decided how many buses you will need, see how many people are traveling to the event from out of town and will need accommodations. You will need to coordinate the charter buses to pick up people at their hotels at a certain time too. Last, ask your attendees what time they would like to arrive at the event. That way, they can enjoy a relaxed breakfast before the program starts and make the most of their time at the event.

2. Think Through the Logistics

Figuring out the logistics of charter bus travel to an event is likely to be the most difficult part of an event planner’s job. It’s a great idea to think through all of the logistics before the event to avoid any unwanted surprises. Traffic is an example of something that can derail your entire event. Take a drive along the route that your charter bus will take to get a sense for the time it takes to travel and to see any potential traffic issues. You might even want to have a backup route selected just in case traffic is especially bad that day. Keep in mind that large-scale events typically have hundreds of attendees, which means everyone will be trying to arrive at the same time.

3. Communication is Key

If you are an event planner trying to coordinate an event with charter bus travel, keep in mind that communication is absolutely key to your success. Form a group chat so that you can communicate with attendees in real time. Make sure everyone knows the schedule prior to leaving on the charter buses. The more you can communicate with guests and the charter bus company, the smoother the event will go.