Tips for Visiting Colleges with Your Teen

Tips for Visiting Colleges with Your Teen

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It’s an exciting time when your teen is ready to look at potential future colleges. However, the process can often become overwhelming. Many parents and students alike find it helpful to visit colleges as a group, rather than going at it alone. Doing a group college tour can take away from some of the stress that comes with traveling with your child alone. When it comes to group travel, the professionals at Ebmeyer Charter have the ability to take your group to numerous different colleges safely and efficiently.

Tips for Planning a Group College Tour

First, you will want to poll your group to see which college everyone is truly interested in seeing. It may be tempting to visit a university simply because they are nearby. However, if no one in your group is considering applying to the institution, it may be a waste of time. Instead, you want to be strategic about the places you visit to make sure that you make the most of your college tour.

Plan Early

Because group travel can be difficult to plan, make sure you begin organizing your trip as soon as possible. Remember, you will be coordinating with many different people, all who have different schedules. Early planning can help ensure that you and your group members don’t encounter any scheduling conflicts. You will also want to notify the individual universities that your group will be visiting on a particular day. Some schools are particular about when groups are allowed to visit, while others will happily arrange to have a tour guide waiting for you.

Explore the City

If you have time, try to explore the areas around the campus as well as the school. Remember, this could potentially be your child’s home for the next four years. It may be helpful to see what type of amenities and attractions the area has to offer. During your visit, don’t be afraid to ask your tour guide, existing students, or even just people walking down the streets questions about the area. You can learn some valuable insight into what campus life is like.

Don’t Forget to Take Notes

During a college tour, you’ll likely be bombarded with tons of information. Make sure that you take ample notes during your visit to make sure you don’t forget anything important. This is especially true when your group is visiting multiple schools. It can be easy to get your information mixed up if you don’t write it all down. Another valuable thing to remember is that while you as a parent want to be present during a campus tour, your visit is ultimately for your child. Make sure that you give them the space to take in their surroundings on their own. Try to reserve your comments and opinions about the various schools until they’ve had an opportunity to express their own feelings.

Are you ready to plan your group college tour? Contact our office today for a free quote for your group transportation. When you ride with us you can rest easy knowing that your college tour will be safe, comfortable, and a great experience for everyone in your group.