Why Hiring a Charter Bus is Better Than Carpooling

Why Hiring a Charter Bus is Better Than Carpooling

downfalls of carpooling

When you need to travel with a large group of people, you might think that carpooling is the most logical choice. However, there are many benefits to actually hiring a professional to do the driving for you. From family reunions to corporate travel, our professional charter bus company services groups large and small. We can transport your large group safely and efficiently whether you need to go across town or out of state. Read on to learn all of the benefits of hiring a professional charter bus company for your next group trip.


First and foremost, hiring a professional charter bus company to transport your large group is incredibly convenient. When you carpool using multiple vehicles, then you have to worry about the logistics of coordinating everyone’s schedule. You also have to ensure that everyone will be able to navigate their way to your destination. However, when you let a professional charter company do the driving, there is no scheduling and no navigating required. Simply coordinate a time for your group to climb aboard your bus and leave the rest to our seasoned drivers. Once you reach your destination, you won’t have to worry about parking or dealing with traffic either. Hiring a driver really takes a lot of the work out of planning a group trip.


Of course, one of your top priorities is that all of the members of your group arrive at your destination safely. However, there are a lot more variables and more things that can go wrong when you choose to carpool. From flat tires to fender benders, unfortunately, the unexpected does happen. This can be especially true if your drivers are put in the position where they have to navigate through streets and traffic that they’re not used to. On the other hand, our professional drivers have decades of experience in the industry and have gone through intensive safety training to ensure your safety. You can rest easy knowing that your large group is in good hands when you hire our company for your transportation needs.

Better Experience

One thing that our clients mention to us time and again is just how fun it is to travel on our charter buses. With amenities like PA systems and television screens, getting to your destination is half the fun when you ride with us. Group travel can be stressful, especially if you’re in charge of driving. However, hiring a professional driver ensures that everyone gets to have an equally good time.


That’s right, hiring a charter bus can actually be very affordable. Ebmeyer offers some of the most competitive rates available for groups large and small. Our fleet of clean, comfortable buses can accommodate your group no matter how large you are. Plus, we offer charter bus services anywhere in the country. Let us help you start planning your next trip. Contact our office today and one of our friendly staff members will provide you with a free quote.