Why You Should Take a Wine Tasting Tour with Ebmeyer Charter

Why You Should Take a Wine Tasting Tour with Ebmeyer Charter

Have you ever been on a wine tasting tour before? It’s an awesome way to learn more about the process of how wine is made and explore some of the beautiful countryside where it’s grown. California is home to the infamous Napa Valley along with plenty of other opportunities to try some incredibly delicious wine. The problem is that if you are trying to get a group together to travel to a wine tasting tour, it can be difficult to handle transportation for everyone. That’s where Ebmeyer Charter comes into play. You can hire a charter bus to transport your group to and from a wine tasting tour so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Keep reading on below to learn why you should opt for a charter bus for your next wine tasting tour.

1. Transports You Safely

One of the issues with drinking a lot of wine is that it’s not safe or legal to drive home under the influence. During a wine tasting tour, you obviously want to be able to enjoy drinking as much wine as possible without putting your safety at risk. That’s why a charter bus is such a great solution. You can schedule the bus to pick you up and drop you off at the time and location of your choice. That way, when your group is ready to hit the road, you won’t have to worry about your group getting home safely. Ebmeyer Charter always employs the best and most experienced drivers to handle driving our fleet of buses.

2. Learn About How Wine is Made

One of the perks of heading to an actual vineyard is that you get to learn exactly how wine is made. You can see the production process and gain a new understanding of how wine goes from vine to glass. Some vineyards can be located in areas far away from where you live, which is why a charter bus provides such a great option for transportation. Reach out to Ebmeyer Charter today to reserve the dates you need for your wine tasting tour.

3. Try Many Different Types of Wine

Another huge benefit of heading out on a wine tasting tour with a charter bus is that your group will be able to try a ton of different types of wine. Red, white, and everything in between are all on the menu. The opportunity to try out as many different types of wines as possible is enough to make any wine enthusiast excited to hit the road.

4. Save Money

If you are trying to plan a wine tasting tour with each individual handling their own travel, things can get expensive quickly. With a charter bus, everyone can pitch in a little bit and you will end up saving overall on the entire cost of transportation. It makes a lot of sense to use a charter bus for your next wine tasting tour because you can use the money you save on wine!

Transporting your group with a charter bus is always a fantastic idea. You can save a ton of money on group travel and create the perfect wine tasting tour.