Why Charter Buses Are Perfect for Film Crews

Why Charter Buses Are Perfect for Film Crews

California is known as one of the biggest producers of film and television in the world. This is largely due to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world. There are tons of movies and shows that are produced in California every year, which is a trend that is sure to continue in the coming years. However, there’s one challenge that every film crew faces when they are trying to get to work on a new project. Transporting a film crew to the location of a production can be a big task for anyone to overcome. There are typically a lot of people involved in a film project along with tons of equipment. That’s why charter buses are the ideal solution for film crews trying to get to their next project. Keep reading on below to learn about why charter buses are perfect for transporting film crews to their projects.

1. Enough Space for Equipment

Film crews tend to travel with lots of heavy equipment like cameras, costumes, microphones, lights, and more. Carting all of this equipment to a destination away from the city can be extremely challenging. That’s why charter buses are such a great option. You can easily reserve a charter bus that has enough space for the crew and their equipment. Many charter buses are outfitted with overhead storage as well as luggage bays below, so you know you will be able to fit everything on the bus.

2. Room for the Entire Crew

We’ve already mentioned the amount of space that a charter bus provides for storing a film crew’s equipment, but it’s also worth noting that you can reserve a charter bus that can transport your entire crew. The average charter bus seats around 50 people. The passengers will enjoy leg room, comfortable seats, and a smooth ride if you decide to reserve a charter bus from a great company like Ebmeyer Charter. A film crew can consist of 20 people or 200. Whatever the case is for your film crew, you can get them to where they need to be with a charter bus.

3. Great Amenities for Passengers

Transporting a cast and crew to a location that involves hours of travel time means that you want to ensure they are comfortable. If you book a charter bus, the passengers will be able to enjoy WiFi, movies, power outlets, onboard bathrooms, and more. You can rest assured that you cast and crew will arrive at the project ready to work and give it their all thanks to the comfortable ride that charter buses provide.

If you are in the California area and are in need of transportation for your film crew, reach out to Ebmeyer Charter today. We have the latest and greatest charter bus amenities and can make sure you and your crew arrive on time and ready to create something special. Reach out to us today to learn more.